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For Concerned Parents or Spouses

Are you concerned your child or partner has a problem with drinking or drugs? Have you seen their behavior become more erratic? Has their personality seemed to have changed? Perhaps there is someone else in the family who has a history of heavy drinking, or drug use. Maybe you have been worried about this for a while but have been unsure how to approach them. Or maybe this is a long-standing concern that now needs more attention.

Many people go a long time with these concerns, worried, scared and sometimes feeling helpless that they can’t make a difference while they see the person they care about become more and more out-of-control, less and less like the person they used to be. Talking with a therapist experienced in dealing with drug and alcohol problems can be an important first step in helping them, and in helping yourself.

For parents concerned about your child, we can meet and explore your concerns and develop some ideas together about what may be going on with your child and how to begin to help them. After a few meetings we may well be able to clear a path to reach your child. This can involve me coaching you, and may also involve all of us meeting together. Beginning a conversation is often the first step toward feeling a renewed sense of hope that you can make a difference.

I have worked with many teens around drug and alcohol use, some of whom were helped just by talking to a professional they could freely share their thoughts with. I also work with teens whose drug and alcohol use requires more intensive help, which often involves me working with the teenager individually as well as considering other resources.

If you are seeking addiction therapy in San Francisco for your child or loved one, I welcome your call with questions or to discuss scheduling an initial meeting.

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