J. Marc Wallis, LCSW 1610 Scott Street San Francisco CA 94115 (415) 820-9609

My Background

J Marc Wallis San Francisco PsychotherapistI am a clinical social worker, graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work, and licensed by the State of California (license number LCS19858). For more than fifteen years, I have worked with clients in a variety of settings as a therapist, supervisor, consultant, teacher, and director of a psychotherapy training program.

I am very committed to continuing my education well beyond the requirements of licensure. Toward this end, as a highly trained therapist in San Francisco, I also teach in several psychotherapy training programs.

I provide consultation and supervision to other mental health professionals, as well as trainings to agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have extensive experience working with clients from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds and clients of all sexual orientations, both individually and as couples.

With years of post-Masters training and supervision, I became a Board Certified Diplomate (BCD) in Clinical Social Work from the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work. I am currently an advanced candidate at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, a course of study which involves many years of additional clinical supervision, coursework and a personal analysis.

Professional Affiliations:

National Association of Social Workers

American Psychological Association, Division 50 – Addictions

American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work

San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis

American Psychoanalytic Association

International Psychoanalytic Association

Coalition for Clinical Social Work

Selected Publications:

Wallis, J.M. (2007). [Review of the book Analysts in the Trenches: Streets, Schools, War Zones]. Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, 12, 299-301.

Wallis, J.M. (2006). There’s No Couch Here: Introducing Psychoanalytic Concepts to Non-clinical Staff. Clinical Update, The Newsletter of the California Society for Clinical Social Work, Vol. XXXV, No. 8.

Wallis, J.M. (2004). The Evaluation of Group Therapy for People with HIV. Clinical Update, The Newsletter of the California Society for Clinical Social Work, XXXIV, No. 2.