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Couples Therapy in San Francisco

Like each of us as individuals, our relationships change over time, and sometimes require help in getting back on track. All couples have disagreements and struggles, but you may feel things have gone beyond that.

My approach to couples therapy, or sometimes referred to as “couples counseling” or “marriage counseling,” combines a focus on improving communication and intimacy, in ways that are practical and helpful, as well as addressing underlying patterns that affect both partners, that may be out of your awareness.

Why get couples therapy?

While one partner is often initially more inclined to get help than the other, I will work to forge an alliance together so that both of you can find the work helpful.

Couples seek out couples counseling for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Disagreements over money
  • Approaches to parenting that are in conflict
  • Difficulties with intimacy and sex
  • Struggles with a partner’s drug or alcohol use
  • Infidelity and affairs
  • Distance, detachment and alienation

As a trained couples therapist, my approach to marriage counseling or couples counseling is to treat both partners fairly and evenly. My role is not to take sides or find blame, but to help each of you reconnect with yourselves and each other, for the sake of the relationship. In our work together I will offer practical ways of dealing with problems at hand, and give attention to deep or long-lasting struggles that have been difficult to recognize and resolve.

Couples therapy often results in:

  • A more intimate and satisfying relationship
  • Improved collaboration in decision-making
  • Deepened feelings of understanding between partners
  • Better collaboration in parenting
  • Increased acceptance of past difficulties between you
  • When separation is what you decide upon, a healthier process of separation

If you are seeking couples therapy in the San Francisco area, I welcome your call with questions or to discuss scheduling an initial meeting.

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