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Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy in San Francisco

Have you become concerned that maybe you drink or use drugs too much?

You may have already tried to cut down or take breaks from drinking or using. And you may have shown that you can take a break, but then find that you pick back up again. Whatever your specific situation, you can be assured that my approach as an addiction therapist is not one-size-fits-all, but is particular to you and your situation.

As an experienced addiction therapist in San Francisco, I have worked with many people who have felt that this part of their life is too private and shameful to discuss, and those who have felt that there is no way to get help. Talking together often brings relief very shortly – in feeling less alone, and more hopeful that you can do something to help yourself.

Taking a first step can help you feel more in control of your life and yourself.

My approach to working with you might include:

  1. Strategizing about how to reduce the unwanted impact of drinking and/or using drugs, maybe without stopping completely
  2. Exploring whether you want to stop drinking or using altogether, and if so, to develop a clear plan to help you

As a substance abuse therapist, my role is not to shame or criticize you, but rather to work together in a way that can help you think more clearly about your options and feel more in charge of your life.

I have worked for many years with a wide variety of people concerned about their substance abuse, ranging from executives drinking at work, to teenagers smoking marijuana, to college students using stimulants while they study, to adults using crystal methamphetamine.

I teach, supervise and consult widely on matters related to alcohol and drug use and addictions.

You can be assured that I will take you seriously and listen to you with respect.

If you are seeking addiction therapy in the San Francisco area, I welcome your call with questions or to discuss scheduling an initial meeting.

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