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Adolescent Family Therapy in San Francisco

Seeking out family therapy for your adolescent child can be daunting. As a trained psychotherapist, I respect the challenges involved and would be glad to speak with you about your situation.

Adolescent family therapy can help on many levels. Developing a collaborative approach with parents is my first step as a family therapist in San Francisco. This process includes understanding the parents’ point of view, the background for concerns that have developed and their hopes for what needs to occur.

At times I consult with parents to support them to put into action new ideas that help get things back on track. More commonly, after talking and at times meeting with parents, I begin to meet with the adolescent child without the parents, to understand the adolescent’s experience from his or her own point of view. Adolescents, like all of us, need limits, but they also need to be understood.

Some common concerns in adolescence I work with:

  • Depression, loss and isolation
  • Anxiety and social discomfort
  • Academic difficulties
  • Parental separation and divorce
  • Alcohol and drug problems
  • Struggles identity and self-esteem

If you are seeking adolescent family therapy in the San Francisco area, I welcome your call with questions or to discuss scheduling an initial meeting.

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