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Modern Psychoanalysis

Far from the cartoon caricatures of therapy in the New Yorker magazine, or the comedies of Woody Allen, modern psychoanalysis is a powerful and lively way to get to the root of a variety of concerns. Unlike the images of the detached and silent analyst, modern analysts are active, collaborative and compassionate.

Where other forms of therapy typically aim to provide relief of current struggles and symptoms, psychoanalysis – and psychoanalytic therapy – can do that and more. Psychoanalytic work can address the root causes of distress.

Moreover, psychoanalysis is not aimed merely to treat difficulties; it can help you develop a sense of choice and freedom in how you live, opening up new possibilities for satisfaction in work, play, relationships, creative expression and achievement.

The differences between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are largely in terms of frequency and continuity. Psychoanalysis is an intensive version of psychodynamic psychotherapy, in which client and therapist meet several times each week.

Consider how you may approach other areas of your life and with intensity and frequency – practicing an instrument, learning a foreign language, or going to the gym. Engaging in an activity more often provides both momentum and continuity. The same holds true for therapy, in developing a relationship with another person, the purpose of which is to address your emotional and psychological experience.

I am glad to answer any questions you may have in considering if analysis may be right for you. I have included two videos below that may help you envision what analysis involves and what it is meant to address.

This short video features several analysts who describe their thoughts about psychoanalysis:

You may prefer this video which uses cartoon characters to depict what you might find helpful about psychoanalysis, as compared to other options for treatment:

If you live in the San Francisco area and are considering therapy, I welcome your call with questions or to discuss scheduling an initial meeting.

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